Handsfree conversation without the “tin can” sound!

We’ve come a looong way from the original “brick” cell phones. Most of you probably don’t have a clue what that is!!!  Today the cell phone is one of the most critical pieces of gear we carry.  The Colonel has used a number of headsets, over the years as well, either running through the airports or driving in the rental car and keeping my hands on the wheel.  Sure the phones today all have hand-free technology but for the most part it just ain’t that good.  The old “tin can” conversation where your client/prospect swears you’re talking into an echo chamber can leave them less than happy.  Well, the following headsets are field proven and supply some of the best quality in the business per the experience of yours truly, fellow platoon members and others.  Happy calling Solider and keep your hands on that wheel…that’s an order!