You just bagged that 800lb. gorilla (giant deal) that you have been working on for what seems to be forever.

The commission is in and it’s now time to reward yourself and those closest around you (after all they suffered through this with you!)

Here are some destination ideas to think about:

The Island of Santorini (Off the Greece Mainland)

Island of SantoriniThe Colonel personally spent some time on this paradise. If you are looking for pure relaxation while viewing some of the most spectacular costal views and unbelievable sunsets in the world, this is the place! Getting there is easy via, plane or helicopter from Athens International, a ferry (does not run in winter months), or private charter. There are a number of villages on the island but Oia is the place to stay (photo above). Speaking of staying, the following link if for the Katikies Hotel which has been built directly into the hillside overlooking the water, which is 300 feet below! This is the reason that Katikies does not allow children, could be a plus or a minus depending on your mind set!

Some say this used to be Atlantis before the volcano blew its top over 3500 years ago. We may never know the true answer to that but what I do know as absolute truth…No matter how stressed that deal made you or how exhausted you are, Santorini will recharge those batteries with complete relaxation!

Here are some other excellent links to help you find out more about Santorini.

Now get going and book it! That’s a direct order from The Colonel soldier!!!

Prague, Czech Republic

PragueWhen The Colonel is asked “where should I go for something completely different?” 9 times out of 10 I get a weird look back when, without hesitation, I tell them Prague! This spectacular city blends everything together (old & new architecture, history & ultra-modern, classical music & contemporary jazz, timeless cultural cuisine & cutting edge dishes) in such a way that it blends together without anything seeming out of place! The sights, the food, the entertainment and more importantly the people make Prague one of the greatest get-aways on The Colonel’s list any time of the year. Fairly easy to travel to direct flights from several US cities. I suggest taking a red eye out. Leave the east coast around 7:30PM landing in Prague the next morning at 10:30! Sleep on the flight and you’re ready to roll when the plane touches down! While there are many great areas in Prague, The Colonel recommends staying in or around Old Town Square (approx. 45 minute ride from airport). I have stayed in many hotels in the city and this is my favorite by far. Although it is a little new, the building is over 800 years old!!!

If you really want to wind down, visit the Black Angel on the lowest level of the hotel and asked the bartender for a Sazerac. It’s an experience not only to drink but to watch these pros mix it! More than one…DON’T DRIVE! But with 5 great Jazz Clubs within a 5 minute walk why even bother?

Here are some other great sites to find out more about Prague:

CAUTION: Go once and you will be hooked for life!

Grand Cayman Island

Grand CaymenOK, so by now you’re saying, “But Colonel, what about something a little closer, sandy and wet?” Well my troops, you got it. The Caymans is a lot closer than the others we have talked about, warm, tropical and a top pick for a place to reward and unwind! If you’re into tropical this is the place. Not an inexpensive place to hang out but hey, you just “bagged the elephant”! Just as impressive and relaxing as the beaches and surf is the restaurants, night life and activities. While there are much more expensive barracks on the island I prefer LaCovia Condominiums on 7 Mile Beach.  Sandra and staff will make sure you are taken care of!

Check it out:

There are many more but these are The Colonel’s favorite for some fancy but great grub! The following are just a few of the great restaurants on the island:

Things to do are endless besides sitting on the beach pretending you’re staring in a Corona commercial! The following links will give you some ideas: If you never done this, it is an absolute must no matter how old you are!

Now grab your beach towel, snorkel and bucket of Corona and get movin soldier….THAT’S AN ORDER!

We will be adding many more destinations both from The Colonels travels as well as those contributed from our members. Visit us often to check out the new destinations.