White Papers

5 Impactful Strategies For Unsticking Stuck Deals by Tom Searcy (Tom has a great sales website as well!)

5 Rules of Effective Negotiating by Taylor Sparks, Global Knowledge Instructor

Securing Your Price: Implementing Increases and Protecting Margins by Gregg Crawford, Ron D’Andrea, and Paul Hennessey, Bay Group International

Sales Happen in Time by Tibor Shantoponsored

How to improve your networking skills on Twitter, Linkedin, Etc. by Johnathan Farrington

The Complex Sale

Effective sales presentations: advancing the sales cycle

7 Hot E-mail Prospecting Tips by Jill Konrath (One of the best check her out).

Learning How to Sell Well in the 21st Century by Darin Hartley, M. Ed

Selling in Tough Times and Tight Markets by Walt Slaughter

Optimism = Sales Success by Synergy Success Strategies