Ask Sam Deep
The colonel has known Mr. Deep for quite a while now. He supplies some great insight to not only the sales world but to the business world as well. Worth taking a look.

Eyes on Sales
This is a great newsletter dedicated exclusively to the art of selling and sales professionals. It is published by Landslide Technologies, which has also developed one of the best, if not the best CRM systems in the industry. The colonel was a beta test sight when it was first released several years ago. More on Landslide’s CRM system in “The Armory”.

Hunt Big Sales
As a speaker and leading coach with Hunt Big Sales, Tim Searcy specializes in reconstructing and optimizing sales processes throughout the country. He has been credited with over $2 Billion worldwide. He has a strong understanding on high level of hands on experience. Tim has written a lot of great pieces, including a white paper on closing that you can find on our Tactical Info page. Check out his sight, you won’t be disappointed!

Lessons in Sales
Every now and then you come across a website that is right on.  Lessons from Selling is one of those sites!  Great place to get more real life sales experience.  Nicely done guys (and gals).  Check it out.

The Sales Handicapper 
No non-sense, straight forward sales information. Skip Balch tells it like it is and has a lot of valuable things to say!