Welcome to salesplatoon.com!

Mark Brown PlatoonThe reason salesplatoon was created was to supply sales professionals, regardless of age, sex, industry or experience level a place to go and communicated with other sales people.  I have been in sales and sales management for over 35 years now.  When developing the salesplatoon website, I thought back on what would have helped me in my sales campaign.  We then reached out to dozens of other sales professionals and asked them the same question.  This site is the result.  A place that a younger sales person can find some help and direction and a older, more experienced sales person can stay up to speed on the latest tools and technologies, as well as to help our younger inexperienced members.  The salesplatoon.com website content is intended to grow and expand as a result of our membership supplying their personal information in regards to their experiences and hands on field experience.  Some experience humorous others supplying a lesson to remember.  Updated material/content will be added to the various section weekly.  In the spirit of “giving” back” 10% of all revenue generated from the salesplatoon.com site will get directly to help our military veterans through the National Military Family Associations.  While the sheer number of sales professionals today is growing, we are mostly left to our own devices to get the job done.  No more!  We are a platoon….A Sales Platoon!!!  Thank you and enjoy.

The Colonel