So what is salesplatoon.com and why did we create it?  In my “rookie” years, I was fortunate to have some great mentors but I would have loved to had access to a group of sales people, outside of my company, to asked advice, bounce ideas around, take a look at new sales related ideas, and find out about the latest and greatest sales tools, hardware, training, services as well as research cities and places I had to go and wasn’t familiar with.  Find others who were passionate about sales to get their insight into various field proven sales techniques and processes based on live experience.  Well my friend, the internet was not around back then, hell we didn’t even have cell phones or personal computers!   Looking back, even if something like that existed I didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together, part of being a rookie; we all have to pay our dues.  That being said we will never turn away any fellow salesperson simply because they can’t afford to become a commissioned member of the platoon, you have The Colonels word on that!  That is why we developed a non-commissioned enlistment package that doesn’t cost a dime to join!

Our vision was to create a virtual community exclusively for salespeople regardless of experience, industry, product or compensation level.  A place to gain knowledge, share experiences  and ideas, research new tools and techniques, help fellow SalesPlatoon members and be helped when needed.  As well as, sharing a laugh or 2 when time permits.  All along, remembering our oath as elite SalesPlatoon members:  We do not sell anyone anything unless our offering helps to make their life better by solving a specific problem they have. 


The Supreme Command is a panel of seasoned, successful and field proven sales commandos.   Together they have over 150 years of combined sales experience in multiple fields and industries.  As a commissioned member of salesplatoon, you have access to the Supreme Command to ask questions, guidance and opinions on sales issues that you may need help with.  All communications are kept in strict confidence and never shared with other platoon members.  Take advantage of their experience to help you become more successful in your sales campaigns.


I have dedicated my entire career to sales, actually started selling when I was 10 years old and never wanted to do anything else!  Over the past several decades, I have been extremely successful in selling various products, technologies, services to a large number of different industries and sectors.  I have led sales campaigns and closed deals with some of the largest companies in the world as well as “mom & pop” businesses.   Over the years, I have attended some of the top sales training programs and seminars.   I have had the privilege of mentoring and training a battalion of sales troops as well as serving with some of the finest sales commandos in the business!  I continue to be a student of the trade and will never profess to be an “expert”.  To me, an expert is someone who knows everything and in my opinion we never know it all.  That being said I have gained a lifetime of knowledge through my personal experiences and that of my comrades. I believe that as a platoon, we can learn from each other, we can help each other become better, stronger, more successful sales commandos.  Maybe even have a little fun along the way.