We offer over 70 in-depth, high quality videos on a vast assortment of sales related topics such as; 7 key sales skills, dealing with competition, selling benefits, preparing for negations, overcoming objections and on and on.

Duration varies from 7 minutes to over 2 hours! These are designed for the active sales commando on the go! The following is just a sample of titles and duration:

  • 10 Powerful Networking Skills (18 minutes)
  • Closing the Sale (9 minutes)
  • Getting to Yes (68 minutes)
  • Influencing the Decision Criteria (13 minutes)
  • 7 Steps to a lot more Sales (125 minutes)
  • No Push Selling (22 minutes)
  • Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems (18 minutes)
  • Building great sales relationships (18 minutes)

We offer our enlisted members full unlimited access to the training library for only $89.95 for a full year! Commissioned members receive a 10% discount off of the list price!