The Sales Platoon team wants you to be well prepared for any sales challenge that you may face. In addition to the answers and advice that you will get from your peers via your activity posts, we’re building a library of sales training videos for you to access. And, there’s a professional aptitude assessment that you can use to see if you have what it takes to excel in the sales arena! As we grow, we’ll be adding to this sales knowledge base, so check back often. 

Basic Training

Our videos help to explain basic sale techniques, but they are not intended to replace formal sales training.

Advanced Training (Coming Soon)

We will be offering over 70 in-depth, high-quality videos on a vast assortment of sales-related topics such as: 7 key sales skills, dealing with competition, selling benefits, preparing for negations, overcoming objections, and on and on.

Sales Indicator Assessment

The Profiles Sales Indicator™ is an excellent tool for identifying the most common attributes for success in a sales career.