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If you’re looking for the camaraderie of a community of professionals, all seeking the same goal…growing a successful career in sales, then you’ve landed in the right place.

This site was created by veteran sales professionals as a virtual sales community. It is a place for salespeople, regardless of experience, industry or compensation level, to gain knowledge, share ideas and research news sales tools and techniques. Check it out and see for yourself. We hope you will join forces with our other members to have fun while building an exciting forum for all of us.


Benefit from experienced and successful professionals still passionate about their careers. Learn how to apply sales-proven techniques & processes. Enlist now and continue building the career you always wanted. Hoorah!


Learn the maneuvers and strategies being deployed by today’s winning sales forces. Our blending of sales with military precision provides you with confidence and discipline to succeed in a tough industry. That’s an order!


Provide our members with a sales community forum that offers career information, sales tools & techniques, motivational tactics & direction on how to enjoy downtime away from work, helping them advance their sales career. Over and out!

Being a member does have its benefits! We provide you with the necessary knowledge & resources for success.


10% of all sales goes directly to The National Military Family Association.
Our gratitude to those who protect us can never be fully repaid, but we will always do what we can.